ORMGA Tournament - 19 January

Lions Paw

First Tee Time is 11:18

Main Game: All players will tee off by MOVING UP ONE TEE BOX from their respective ORMGA designated tee box with the exception of RED tee box players. Play your next shot within one club length, same condition not closer to the hole. A minimum of 3 drives from each player must be used during the round.

Side Game:

Putt em out, Preferred lies, LCP in general area.

Never record scores at the green-Do it at the next tee

Starting Time: 11:18:00 Hole 1:
Kevin Fitzgerald R4
Bob Dugan R6
Ralph DiVito R8
Jeff Kemmerer-C R10

Starting Time: 11:18:00 Hole 10:
Rick Wheaton R4
Brian Babb-C R5
Ted White R7
Steve Ernst R12

Starting Time: 11:27 Hole 1:
Rob Ferrari WG9
Matt Sanchez-C R11
Terrance Ecock R11
Joe Jaeger R25

Starting Time: 11:27 Hole 10:
Michael Tate G5
Doug MacDonald R6
Gordon Wicke R7
Tom OConnell-C R11

Starting Time: 11:36 Hole 1:
Steve Galluccio R7
Lance Kualii-C R12
Michael Flibotte R15
Dennis Covelli R15

Starting Time: 11:36 Hole 10:
Francis Manfredi-C R9
John Oehmke R13
David Pirrung R16
Joe Wilson R17

Starting Time: 11:45 Hole 1:
Terry Zuk-C R7
Chuck Maliszewski G9
George Cassidy R10
Vince Barbera R10

Starting Time: 11:45 Hole 10:
Jim Miller R3
John Goryance R4
Joe Quaglia-C R8
Joe Coffini R11

Starting Time: 11:54 Hole 1:
Stephen Hughes WG3
Roland Heurich R3
John Divers R10
Harry Schnitzer R20

Starting Time: 11:54 Hole 10:
John Tunnacliffe G6
Charles Miller R7
Doug Smith R8
Ray Crawford R16

Starting Time: 12:03 Hole 1:
James Faulkner G10
Dick Atkinson R14
Skip Lacey-C R15
Walter Shannon R16

Starting Time: 12:03 Hole 10:
Kyle Jones WG5
Paul Dittner WG7
Robert Major-C R12
Joe Walter WG13

Starting Time: 12:12 Hole 1:
Bill Johnston R7
Tom Burcak R5
Dick Giblin R5
Bob Plebanek-C R10

Starting Time: 12:12 Hole 10:
Jim Vosburg G5
Rich Rudnicki R11
John Arnold G14
Mike Ratchford-C R16

Starting Time: 12:21 Hole 1:
Al Cotrone R2
Andy Whidden R11
Paul Jensen R14
Hugh Carano-C R20

Starting Time: 12:21 Hole 10:
Dennis Miller G0
Dave Janowski-C G7
Gary Prock G9
Wayne Underhill R13

Starting Time: 12:30 Hole 1:
Rusty Grunewalder R7
Greg Gibson R10
Charlie Augone-C G10
Roy Andersch R10

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